The Premier Privacy Focused Cryptocurrency

Current Features

Native Tor Integration

preserves network privacy and protects users against surveillance, by keeping traffic within the Tor network at all times.

OBFS4 Bridge Support

facilitates undetected use in countries that block Tor, such as China & Iran. Spectrecoin is the only privacy coin to offer this feature!

Ring Signatures

for complete transactional anonymity, making it impossible to determine the true source of funds for a transaction

Stealth Addresses

are currently optional but will be made default with the release of version 2.0 in Q2 of 2018.

Fast & Low-Cost

Confirmation within 30-60 seconds and low transaction fees, making Spectrecoin perfect for small remittances.

5% Yearly Rewards

from low power staking ensures a stable inflation rate while rewarding those who support the network by keeping their wallets open for staking.

Upcoming Features

Stealth by Default

to provide a seamless privacy coin experience including stealth withdrawal from exchanges.

Stealth Staking

for seamless anonymity with our Proof of Stake privacy coin. Spectrecoin is the first cryptocurrency to develop this ground-breaking feature.

Revamped Wallet UI

in native Qt5 for improved performance, platform support and ease-of-use.

Mobile Wallets

native, simple yet powerful mobile applications for storing & transacting Spectrecoin, with innovative lower-power staking support.

Trezor & Ledger Nano S

hardware wallet support currently under development.


platform for 100% anonymous peer-to-peer small remittances transactions. A truly fungible electronic cash system.

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