January 2017 - Android wallet for Spectrecoin

We have deciced to release a ‘thin’ Android wallet for Spectrecoin as a stepping stone for Spectre.Cash. This will enable you to start using XSPEC for Android.

 January 2017 - Native Tor integration for XSPEC - COMPLETED 22/01/2017!! YAY!!

We will be the first cryptocurrency with anonymous transactions that will also integrate Tor in the code base. This means that your IP will be hidden by default as well as your transactions. This will make it near impossible for any attacker to trace you or your transactions.

 08/01/2017 - ICO ends / Distribution Phase

The ICO will end on 08/01/2017 and in the week that follows the Spectrecoins will be distributed according to the public ICO LEDGER and the blockchain will start moving and staking from block 17,000 and onwards.

 January - SPEC listed at https://bitsquare.io/ - decentralised exchange

In keeping with the philosophy of decentralisation, SPEC will be listed at https://bitsquare.io/ from the outset. Here you will be able to trade SPEC with other currencies.

 March 2017 - Spectre.Cash Android remittance app

The first publically promoted version of Spectre.Cash will be available to download from Google Play Store for Android.