How to donate funds

We might take an excerpt of history there.

Spectrecoin was created in 2016 to improve on the concept of ShadowCash (SDC). The ICO took place starting Nov 20, 2016, until Jan 8, 2017. The goal was to add Tor integration to the ShadowCash codebase, and further extend the concept of an anonymous currency to target remittances via a mobile application, using a system inspired by Hawala. To release the ICO funds through an escrow, the Tor integration part was completed and submitted a few days after the ICO had ended.

Unfortunately, only few funds could be acquired during ICO,
totaling to ~17 BTC (~16,000 USD at that time)

Which was a non-existent sum to support a serious project like this.Since then the project was almost exclusively founded by direct donations of community members that still were somewhat not enough to continue future development.

Team Direct Donations Addresses:

Spectrecoin (XSPEC): SdrdWNtjD7V6BSt3EyQZKCnZDkeE28cZhr

Bitcoin (BTC): 3QVSE3hiimHrq6HcKtfQejYeK1Zax9fWsQ

*You can get more donation addresses in TRADE section.

In order to run a stable project professionally (multiple devs, cryptography, outsource, maintenance and marketing) it requires a stable flow of funding.