How to buy Spectrecoins

You can buy Spectrecoins on various exchanges see Trade to choose the one that is suitable to you.

Currently an exchange with the highest Spectrecoin (XSPEC) volume is being Cryptopia

1. You need to access official Cryptopia website and register there

2. When you enter Exchange front page after registration, using search function you may find XSPEC among the projects that being listed on exchange and choose suitable trading pair XSPEC/BTC (traded for Bitcoins) XSPEC/LTC (traded for Litecoins)

3. After choosing trading pair for Spectrecoin you will need to transfer chosen trading pair coins (LTC or BTC) to your account.
Press Deposit button for that on the upper right of the main page (under the “B”)

4. Lets take BTC for example as our trading coin pair to Spectrecoin (XSPEC).
You select XSPEC among long list of coins and tokens and the exchange will generate for you an address(wallet) to transfer there your trading coins from your own account that you already had before

5. Once you have required for a trade funds in your wallet you go back searching XSPEC and choose the suitable proposition among ‘Sell Orders’ prices as well as amount you want to buy

6. After you have agreed to a certain price and amount you press ‘Buy XSPEC’ and wait for the trading operation get completed. After that XSPEC would appear in your ‘Balances’ sub-menu

7. After that it is hugely recommended to transfer your new coins to your Spectrecoin wallet that you can get HERE to secure them and receive additional XSPEC PoS rewards described HERE